Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Northern Illinois University

MATH 229 Fall 2015

Calculus I Section 4 (4 semester hours)

DuSable 348
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri
10 -10:50

Prof. Richard Blecksmith
Watson Hall 364
phone: 815-753-6762


Wednesday 11:00-2:00
or by appointment

Breaking News

The final exam is on Friday, December 11, 8 - 9:50 am. DU 228

Special Handouts

Limit Definition of Derivative Notes

First Homework Cover Sheet (Due 9/23/15)

Limit Practice Worksheet (Due 9/16/15)

The Power Rule

Product and Quotient Rules

The Chain Rule


Geometry and Implicit Differentiation

Derivative Practice Worksheet

Derivative Practice Solutions

Higher Order Derivatives

Related Rates Problems

Square Roots in Your Head

Second Homework Cover Sheet (Due 10/23/13)

Test 2 Problem Analysis

Applications of Derivative

Mean Value Theorem

Concavity and Graphs

Sketch the Graph Worksheet

Optimization Worksheet

Anti Derivatives

Anti Derivative Worksheet

Integration and the Area Problem

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and Integration Examples

Third Homework Cover Sheet (Due 11/23/13)

Section 4.5 Substitution

Substitution Worksheet

Substitution Worksheet Hints

Substitution Worksheet Solutions


Grade Points (out of 650)
A 520
B 455
C 377
D 312