MATH 110 Review

In reviewing, you should first reread the text and class notes. Be sure that you understand the examples in the text. The review sheets will summarize the material that you need to know.

Next, go over your quizzes and your homework assignments (all of the assigned homework problems, not just the ones you worked in MyMathLab.) You can expect that most problems on the exams will be similar to assigned homework problems.

Finally, after you believe you are prepared for the exam, you can check your level of preparation by working the practice multiple choice questions. If you want to test yourself under realistic conditions, time yourself, and allow about 2 minutes for each practice question.

Note: The sample multiple choice questions in the review material have been taken from exams given in previous semesters. There are probably two to three times as many questions as could be covered on an hour exam. We used to post old exams, but any one exam may not cover all possible types of questions because it is limited to fifteen or twenty questions. We hope that this system gives you a better way to study.

FALL 2012

This review material includes a short summary of each section. At the end of each chapter there are multiple choice questions (by section) that have been given in previous semesters. There is an answer key, and solutions to even numbered problems in the text and solutions to questions that were not from the book.

Remember that through MyMathLab you have online access to answers for all of the odd numbered exercises in the text. (On the top left of the opening screen in MyMathLab, click on "Chapter Contents", and then scroll down to "Answers to Selected Exercises".)

You can read the review online, or you can download the entire file, in PDF format (for Acrobat Reader). You can also download individual chapters as you need them.

MATH 110 REVIEW (one file, 100 pages)

Table of Contents (individual files)
Chapter R: Review
Chapter 1: Review
Chapter 2: Review
Chapter 3: Review
Chapter 4: Review
Chapter 5: Review
Chapter 6: Review

Corrected versions posted August 28, 2012

Sample Review Problems from sections 4.4 and 5.5

Section 4.4
Section 5.5


A good place to start to review for the final is to go over the review sheets for the hour exams, and the practice problems. When you believe you are ready to try a practice final exam, here are some copies to use.

Here are previous final exams: Spring, 2010 with answers, Fall, 2009 with answers, Spring, 2005 with answers and solutions, Spring, 2001 with answers.

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