TEXT: TAN: Finite Mathematics, edition 11 or NIU edition.

The homework list is different depending on which text you are using.

OBJECTIVES: The course is an introduction to mathematical topics with applications to business, social science and other fields. We cover widely used mathematical topics such as matrix algebra, solutions of linear equations, linear programming, elementary combinatorics and probability.

PREREQUISITE: MATH 110 (with at least a C) or satisfactory performance on the Mathematics Placement Test.




Grade   Percentage        Points out of 600       
A 80% 480
A- 77.5% 465
B+ 75% 450
B 70% 420
B- 67.5% 405
C+ 65% 390
C 58% 348
D 48% 288

ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT: Please read the statement on Academic Integrity which appears in the Undergraduate Catalog, and which includes this passage: ``Students guilty of, or assisting others in, either cheating or plagiarism, on any assignments, quizzes, or examinations, will receive a grade of F for the course involved and may be suspended or dismissed from the University.''

Failure to abide by the following will result in a zero score!

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