MATH 402: Methods of Instruction in the Mathematics Curriculum

for the Elementary School (K-6)

Alan Zollman


Course Information

Student Lesson Activities

Professional Resources


MATH 402 Syllabus

Mastering Basic Facts

Common Core Math Standards


Math 402 Course Packet: part 1, part 2,

part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

Rolling Rectangle Lesson Example

IL Math Assessment 2006


MATH 402 Intro

I Have, Who Has - Place Value

NCTM Focal Point


Sample Computational Assessment Quiz

Clock Hands

Math Content Categories 2006


Current Math Ed Lab (DU 306) schedule

Four-Corners Problem Solving

Math Essentials by Grades


Letter of Permission

Letter of Permission (Spanish)

Math Literature List

Bloom's Level of Abstraction


MATH 402 Sample Quiz

Money Grids 1, Money Grids 2

ISAT Powerpoint


Math in Literature Example

      Money Grids 3, Money Grids 4

ISAT rulers, ISAT formulas 


MATH 402 Lesson Plan Evaluation

Addition Table

Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics P-5 Parent Handbook


Web Resource Assignment

Multiplication Table



Basal Textbook Evaluation

Rainbow Bears 2



Teacher Observation Form

Real-World Numbers



      Preparing for the Student Interview

Algebra Sense



      Reporting on the Student Interview

Triangle/Rectangular Models



      Lesson Self Reflection

Rock, Paper, Scissors



Final Exam: Reflective Questions