Teacher Certification - General Education

Additional Requirements for Mathematics Teacher Certification

All students seeking initial teacher certification in mathematics for grades 6 - 12 must complete the following general education requirements. No course for certification should be taken as pass/fail.

  1. Core Competency (9 hours) [not counting MATH 229, which is counted with mathematics courses]:
    [Note: 6 hours if ENGL 105 is taken.]
    (a) Oral Communication (3 hours)
    (b) Written Communication (6 hours) [or equivalent of ENGL 105]

  2. Humanities and the Arts (12 hours) [For B. S. degree, courses must be in at least 3 departments and in more than one college.]:
    (a) U. S. History (3 hours)
    (b) English course or a literature course taught in English (3 hours) [Examples of literature courses taught in English: FLFR 371 (Masterpieces of French Literature in Translation), FLCL 271 (Classical Mythology), FLRU 261 (Russian Culture and Literature) and FLRU 321 (Introduction to Russian Literature)]
    (c) Other approved course work (6 hours)

  3. Social Sciences (6 hours) [For B. S. degree, courses must be in at least 2 departments.]:
    (a) U. S. Government (3 hours)
    (b) Other approved course work (3 hours) [Note: PSYC 102 is highly recommended as it is a prerequisite for EPS 406.]

  4. Interdisciplinary Studies [Note: Satisfies the multicultural requirement for certification.]:
    IDSP 211(3), EPFE 201(3) [Note: Graduate students or SAL's may also take TLRN 501X(3) or LTIC 501(3).]

  5. Sciences (9 hours) [Note: Course work must be in at least two science fields with a minimum of two classroom courses in one science field. Course work must include at least one science lab course.]

  6. Other
    Documentation of at least one of the following: completion of a first aid course, experience with drug abuse education, or an education experience with other social issues in schools. (May be satisfied by course work or an approved experience.)
    [Possible courses: KNPE 262 (Standard First Aid and CPR), PHHE 304 (Drug Use and Abuse), PHHE 201 (Social and Individual Patterns of Drug Use) and PHHE 437 (Assessment, Treatment and Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Addiction)]