Teacher Certification - Professional Courses

Students need to have coursework in the following areas:

  1. Human development and learning during the middle school and high school years, usually EPS 406.
  2. Techniques of assessment, usually ETRA 422 or ETR 440.
  3. Integration of the Exceptional Student into the regular classroom, usually SESE 457 (formerly TLSE 457).
  4. Philosophical or historical foundations of education, usually EPFE 400.
  5. Methods and Materials for Teaching English Language Learners, usually LTIC 420
  6. Sequential clinical experiences at both the middle school and the high school levels and seminars focusing on topics with which pre-service mathematics teachers must be familiar, usually ILAS 201, ILAS 301 and MATH 401.
  7. Student teaching in mathematics at either a middle school or high school, MATH 413.

Applications for ILAS 201 and ILAS 301 can be downloaded by clicking on the Applications link on the left.