Educator Licensure - Requirements for Transfer Students

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Northern Illinois University would like to help your students who have declared an interest in a major in mathematics with an emphasis in mathematics education make a smooth transition to NIU. Please communicate the following information to academic advisers so that they may advise their students accordingly.

Any student seeking teacher certification in Mathematics for grades 6-12 needs to fulfill the attached requirements. Please keep these requirements in mind when advising students about their course of studies in fulfilling the requirements at your college. Substitutions for professional education courses are handled on an individual basis.

If the student will complete, at your community college, the equivalent of the three semester calculus sequence at NIU (i.e. - Math 229, 230 & 232), & he/she is planning to take Math 240 (Linear Algebra and Applications) during his/her first semester at NIU, he/she is eligible & encouraged (in order to graduate from NIU in a timely fashion) to take ILAS 201 (Introductory Clinical Experience) during his/her first semester at NIU.

In order for students to take ILAS 201 during their first semester at NIU, they need to obtain application materials for ILAS 201 from the Department of Mathematical Sciences by the end of the fourth week of the NIU fall or spring semester that precedes their transfer to NIU. In order to obtain these application materials the students should contact Ms. Bonnie Kersten, Coordinator of Educator Licensure in Mathematics, and leave a message indicating what materials they need, their address and phone number. Preferably, they should download the application & directions from the math certification website: under Applications. Tell them to follow all directions carefully and return the appropriate number of copies of the completed typed application & personal statement no later than the end of the seventh week of that same semester. They should return them to: Ms. Bonnie Kersten, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60115. [Note: Please do not mention "certification" in the address as the materials are sent elsewhere.] Students must complete a fingerprint criminal background check with the IL State Police before beginning ILAS 201. Tell students to go to, select "Criminal Background Check" & follow directions carefully. To be able to register for ILAS 201 and complete the fingerprint criminal background check they must be admitted to NIU, so tell them to complete the application process to NIU ASAP. Students also need to have a negative TB test. Directions are at Applications received after the above deadline may not be accepted.

Once Ms. Kersten receives the completed application materials, she will mail them a "Permission to Register" form. Tell the students to read the information carefully and note the date, time and place of the initial meeting of ILAS 201. Once the students receive the "Permission to Register" form for ILAS 201, they should register through TRACS or on the web ASAP after completing Orientation. The course requirements & the advising document for the mathematics certification program may be found at Thank you for helping your math education students make a smooth transition to NIU. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Ms. Bonnie Kersten
Coordinator of Educator Licensure in Math
(815) 753 5390 or