Mathematics Education Laboratory Attendant
Job Description and Duties

1. Open the math education lab promptly at the assigned times. Oversee student use of the lab and materials. (If you will be late or ill, call the Mathematics office at 815/753-0566 and someone will post a note on the lab door to inform students.)

2. Learn how to correctly use, clean, repair the Accu-Cut and Ellison Die-Cut machines by watching the videos. Demonstrate the correct use of the machine to students. Make sure students use the machines correctly and clean up after their use.

3. Assist students in finding the materials, books and resources of the math ed lab. Students may borrow books to photocopy if they leave their student ID with you and return the material within a few minutes. Materials are not allowed to be checked out overnight as this may conflict with other instructors' use of materials. (Only faculty may check out material out of the lab by signing out the material on the clipboard in the back of DU 304B.)

5. Keep the math ed lab clean and neat. Periodically empty the paper recycling box in one of the large blue recycling bins on the first floor. Trade the aluminum can box when full with an empty one at the end of the hallway. If the floor needs to be cleaned, leave a note taped to the trash can for the night custodians.

6. Make sure all materials are back in their correct place when leaving the lab. Lock the calculator cabinet. Make certain all computers and printers are turned off and their covers are replaced. Lock both doors to the lab and turn off the lights when lab hours are over. Do not leave students in the lab unattended -- ask them to leave and wait outside for their instructor.

7. Assist math ed faculty members with their projects as requested.

8. Keep inventories of materials of the mathematics education lab. Mark new materials with math ed lab identification.

9. Perform various assigned duties by the math ed lab coordinator as needed. Keep in contact with the math ed lab coordinator about needed materials, problems, suggestions.

10. Please remember that you are not to do work for students, but to assist them in their learning.

11. At the end of the year (semester) turn in all keys to the mathematics office.

a.z. August 6, 1997