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Ph.D. Graduates, Placements, Dissertation Directors, and their Dissertation Titles.


Name Position Advisor Dissertation Title
Tyler Mitchell   Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA   Harvey Blau   Fusion Rings with Degrees 1 and 4
Steven Kifowit   Prairie State College, Chicago Heights, IL   Greg Ammar   A Divide-And-Conquer Split Schur Algorithm
Herman Schaumburg   Piedmont Community College, Roxboro NC   Doug Bowman   Combinatorial Interpretations of Continued Fractions with Multiple Limit Points
Qi Jiang   Abbott Lab, Chicago, IL   Sanjib Basu   Flexible Modeling of Competing Risks and Cure Rate in Survival Analysis


Name Position Advisor Dissertation Title
Caroline Kettlestrings   Nokia Co, Chicago, IL   Harvey Blau   A Classification of Class Two and Class Three Nilpotent Table Algebras
Angela Antonou   St Francis University, IL   Harvey Blau   Characterization of Table Algebras by Their Multiplicities
Jeremy Chamberlain   Rock Valley College, Rockford, IL   Qingkai Kong   Nodal Solutions of Nonlocal Integral Boundary Value Problem
Allen Montz   Allstate Corporation, Northbrook, IL   Hamid Bellout, Fred Bloom   Some Bipolar Viscous Fluid Flow Problems in Rigid and Compliant Domains
Paul McCombs   Rock Valley College, Rockford, IL   Alan Zollman   Analysis of second Semester Calculus Students' Understanding of Series and Series Convergenee


Name Position Advisor Dissertation Title
Tom St George   Carroll Univ. Waukesha, WI   Qingkai Kong   Nodal Solutions of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems with Multi-point Boundary Conditions
Jayleen Wangle   Bradley Univ. Peoria, IL   Alan Zollman   Calculus Student Understanding of Continuity
Rita Patel   College of DuPage, Chicago, IL   Ellen Hines, Alan Zollman   A mixed methods analysis of calculus students' understanding of slope and derivative concept
Chris Bailey   College of DuPage, Chicago, IL   Yoopyo Hong   The MP Algorithm and Its Applications
Santu Ghosh   School of Medicine, Wayne State University Detroit, MI Alan Polansky   Smoothed Bootstrap Percentile Ellipsoidal Confidence Region for Mean Vector
Kristin McCullough   Grand View University, Des Moines, IA   Nader Ebrahimi   An Application of Statistics in Nanotechnology
Patrick Sugrue   Rock Valley College, Rockford, IL   Zhuan Ye   Non-meromorphic Solutons to Differential Equations
Christine Leroux   Orange County Community College, State University of New York   John Beachy, Harvey Blau   On Universal Localization of Non-Commutative Noetherian Rings
Qian Dong   Beijing, China   Sanjib Basu   Modeling Dependence and Regression Analysis in Competing Risk Cure Rate Models
Susan Ficken   Mississippi University for Women   Doug Bowman   Asymptotics for the Zero of a Basic Hypergeometric Function in Three Parameters


Name Position Advisor Dissertation Title
Michael Decaro   North Central College, Naperville, IL   Richard Blecksmith   Representations of mx^2+ny^2
David Kettlestrings   Nokia Co, Chicago, IL   Jeff Thunder   Some Results on Heights and Extensions of Function Fields Over a Finite Field
Arpita Chatterjee   Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA   Sanjib Basu   Bayesian Inference of Mixed Effects Models for Sparse Binary Data


Name Position Advisor Dissertation Title
Abigail Pearson Harper College, Palatine, IL John Beachy Noncommutative Piecewise Noetherian Rings
Min Wang Univ. of Tennessee at Chatanooga QingKai Kong Positive Solutions of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems
Ujjwal Das Dept of Public Health, Univ of Massachusetts Amherst Nader Ebrahimi MDL Procedure, Lasso Penalty and Their Statistical Risk for Type-I Censored Data
Suchitrita Sarkar Abbott Laboratories in Abbott Park, IL Sanjib Basu Unified Competing Risks
Laura Kettner Epic Systems Corporation, Verona, WI Sien Deng Variational Analysis of Vector Optimization Problems With Application To Well-posedness
Matt Cardwell Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc., Northbrook, IL Zhuan Ye On the Value Distribution and Topology of Classes of Dirichlet L-functions


Name Position Advisor Dissertation Title
Mohan Thapa University of Wisconsin at Janesville, WI Karabi Datta/Yoopyo Hong A New Hybrid Method for Finding Eigenpaires of a Symmetric Quadratic Eigenvalue Problem in an Interval
Joshua Eggenberger Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Cambridge, MN Bernie Harris Some Problems in the Spectral Theory of Separated Dirac Operators
Xiaofei Wang AllState Insurance Co, Chicago, IL Qingkai Kong Nodal Solutions of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems with P-Laplacian
Yarong Yang University of California at Berkeley Nader Ebrahimi Learning Bayesian Networks From Microarray Gene Expression Data
Olga Terlyga Fermilab, Batavia, IL Hamid Bellout/Fred Bloom Analysis of One Dimensional Pulse Combustion


Name Position Advisor Dissertation Title
Devrim Bilgili Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL Nader Ebrahimi Auantitative Trait Loci Detection Using an Accelerated Failure Time Cure Model
Kristen Campbell Aurora University, Aurora, IL Douglas Bowman Sequential Closures of l_l Limit Periodic continued Fractions and Certain Q-continued Fractions
Paul Gundul Rock Valley College, Rockford, IL Linda Sons A Class of Small Functions in the Unit Disk
Mark Lund Northwood Univeristy, Midland, MI Zhuan Ye Nevanlinna Theory in Annuli

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