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Gen. Ed. courses at a School, Results (Current and Future):

Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University: All iTransfer Gen. Ed. Courses

All schools identify their own courses by using a prefix and number. Northern Illinois University's course number/designation and course title can be found in the first two columns of the table. In the last column, you will find the IAI course number and title.

The following search results are also available in CSV Format. An explanation and directions for the CSV format is available.

Course No.
Northern Illinois University's
Course Title
IAI Course No. and Title
ANTH 101 Human Origins S1 902
(Introduction to Physical Anthropology)
ANTH 120 Introduction to Anthropology S1 900N
(Introduction to Anthropology)
ANTH 210 General Prehistoric Archaeology S1 903
(Introduction to Archaeology)
ANTH 220 General Cultural Anthropology S1 901N
(Introduction to Cultural Anthropology)
ANTH 240 General Physical Anthropology S1 902
(Introduction to Physical Anthropology)
ART 282 Introduction to the Visual Arts F2 900
(Art Appreciation)
ART 291 Art History Survey I: to 1150 F2 901
(History of Western Art I)
ART 292 Art History Survey II: 1150-1700 F2 902
(History of Western Art II)
ART 293 Art History Survey III: from 1700 F2 902
(History of Western Art II)
ART 294 Art Hist Surv IV: Arts of the East F2 903N
(Non-Western Art)
ART 377 Islamic Art F2 903N
(Non-Western Art)
ART 378 Indian and Southeast Asian Art F2 903N
(Non-Western Art)
ART 384 African Art F2 903N
(Non-Western Art)
ART 385 Pre-Columbian Art F2 903N
(Non-Western Art)
ART 386 Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas F2 903N
(Non-Western Art)
BIOS 101 Plant Products and Human Affairs L1 901
(Plants and Society)
BIOS 103 General Biology L1 900
(General Education Biology)
BIOS 104 General Biology L1 900L
(General Education Biology)
BIOS 105 General Biology Laboratory L1 900L
(General Education Biology)
BIOS 106 Environmental Biology L1 905
(Environmental Biology)
BIOS 109 Human Biology L1 904
(Human Biology)
CHEM 110 Chemistry P1 902
(General Education Chemistry)
CHEM 110A Chemistry
(ends 08/31/2001)
P1 902L
(General Education Chemistry)
CHEM 111 Chemistry Laboratory
(starts 08/15/2001)
P1 902L
(General Education Chemistry)
CHEM 210 General Chemistry
(ends 08/31/2001)
P1 902L
(General Education Chemistry)
CHEM 210T General Chemistry
(starts 08/15/2001)
P1 902
(General Education Chemistry)
CHEM 212 General Chemistry Laboratory
(starts 08/15/2001)
P1 902L
(General Education Chemistry)
COMS 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication C2 900
(Oral Communication)
ECON 260 Principles of Microeconomics S3 902
(Principles of Microeconomics)
ECON 261 Principles of Macroeconomics S3 901
(Principles of Macroeconomics)
ENGL 103 Rhetoric and Composition I C1 900
(Writing Course Sequence)
ENGL 104 Rhetoric and Composition II C1 901R
(Writing Course Sequence)
ENGL 105 Rhetoric and Composition C1 901R
(Writing Course Sequence)
ENGL 110 Experience of Fiction H3 901
(Introduction to Fiction)
ENGL 115 Masterpieces of British Literature H3 912
(Survey of British Literature I)
ENGL 116 Masterpieces of American Literature H3 914
(Survey of American Literature I)
ENGL 201 Introduction to Poetry H3 903
(Introduction to Poetry)
ENGL 310 Literary Classics H3 906
(Western/World Literature in Translation I)
ENGL 315 Shakespeare H3 905
(Introduction to Shakespeare)
FCNS 230 Child Development S6 903
(Child Psychology)
FCNS 280 Human Development, the Family, and Society S6 902
(Life-span Developmental Psychology)
FCNS 284 Introduction to Family Relationships S7 902
(Marriage and Family)
FLCL 271 Classical Mythology H9 901
FLFR 371 Mastrpcs Fr Lit in Translation H3 909
([National] Literature in Translation)
FLRU 261 Russian Culture and Literature H3 909
([National] Literature in Translation)
GEOG 101 Survey of Physical Geography
(starts 08/15/2001)
P1 909
(Physical Geography)
GEOG 101A Survey of Physical Geography
(ends 08/31/2001)
P1 909L
(Physical Geography)
GEOG 102 Survey of Physical Geography Laboratory
(starts 08/15/2001)
P1 909L
(Physical Geography)
GEOG 105 Introduction to the Atmosphere
(starts 08/15/2001)
P1 905
(Earth Science)
GEOG 105A Introduction to the Atmosphere
(ends 08/31/2001)
P1 905L
(Earth Science)
GEOG 106 Introduction to the Atmosphere
(starts 08/15/2001)
P1 905L
(Earth Science)
GEOG 202 World Regional Geography S4 900N
(Introduction to Human Geography)
GEOG 204 Geography of Economic Activities S4 903N
(Introduction to Economic Geography)
GEOL 103 Planetary and Space Science P1 905
(Earth Science)
GEOL 104 Introduction to Ocean Science P1 905
(Earth Science)
GEOL 105 Environmental Geology P1 908
(Environmental Geology)
GEOL 120 Introductory Geology P1 907
(Introduction to Geology)
GEOL 120A Introductory Geology P1 907L
(Introduction to Geology)
GEOL 203 Global Change P1 906
(Introduction to Astronomy)
GEOL 220 Environments and Life Through Time
(ends 08/31/2001)
P1 907L
(Introduction to Geology)
GEOL 320 Environments and Life Through Time
(starts 08/15/2001)
P1 907L
(Introduction to Geology)
HIST 110 Western Civilization to 1500 H2 901
(Western Civilization I)
HIST 111 Western Civilization 1500-1815 H2 902
(Western Civilization II)
HIST 112 Western Civilization since 1815 H2 902
(Western Civilization II)
HIST 140 Asia to 1500 S2 908N
(History of Asia and the Pacific I)
HIST 141 Asia since 1500 S2 909N
(History of Asia and the Pacific II)
HIST 171 The World Since 1500 S2 913N
(World History II)
HIST 260 American History to 1865 S2 900
(United States History I)
HIST 261 American History since 1865 S2 901
(United States History II)
HIST 340 Ancient India S2 916N
(History of South Asia I)
HIST 341 India 1740-1947 S2 917N
(History of South Asia II)
HIST 344 History of Ancient China S2 914N
(History of China I)
HIST 345 China Since the Tang Dynasty S2 915N
(History of China II)
HIST 348 African History to 1600 S2 906N
(History of Africa I)
HIST 349 African History since 1600 S2 907N
(History of Africa II)
HIST 381 Colonial Latin America S2 910N
(History of Latin America I)
HIST 382 Modern Latin America S2 911N
(History of Latin America II)
IDSP 225 Intro to Medieval Society & Culture HF 902
(Western Humanities I)
IDSP 290 Drama into Film F2 905
(Film History and Appreciation)
ILAS 225 Southeast Asia: Crossroads of the World HF 904N
(Non-Western Humanities)
MATH 101 Core Competency in Mathematics M1 901
(Quantitative Literacy)
MATH 206 Introductory Discrete Mathematics M1 905
(Discrete Mathematics)
MATH 210 Finite Mathematics M1 906
(Finite Mathematics)
MATH 211 Calculus for Bus&Soc Sci M1 900
(College-level Calculus)
MATH 229 Calculus I M1 900
(College-level Calculus)
MATH 230 Calculus II M1 900
(College-level Calculus)
MATH 232 Calculus III M1 900
(College-level Calculus)
MUSC 220 Introduction to Music F1 900
(Music Appreciation)
MUSC 324 Introduction to World Music I F1 903N
(Non-Western Music)
MUSC 325 Introduction to World Music II F1 903N
(Non-Western Music)
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy H4 900
(Introduction to Philosophy)
PHIL 170 World Religions H5 904N
(Comparative Religions)
PHIL 231 Contemporary Moral Issues H4 904
PHYS 140 Physics and Society P1 901L
(Physics and Society)
PHYS 150 Physics P1 900
(General Education Physics)
PHYS 150A Physics P1 900L
(General Education Physics)
PHYS 162 Elementary Astronomy P1 906
(Introduction to Astronomy)
PHYS 180 Acoustics, Music, and Hearing LP 900
(Interdisciplinary Life and Physical Science)
PHYS 250A Fundamentals of Physics I P2 900L
(Calculus-based Physics I)
POLS 100 American Government and Politics S5 900
(American/U.S. National Government I)
POLS 260 Foreign and Comparative Politics S5 905
(Comparative Government)
PSYC 102 Introduction to Psychology S6 900
(General Psychology I)
PSYC 225 Lifespan Dev: Childhood Thru Adulthood S6 902
(Life-span Developmental Psychology)
SOCI 170 Introduction to Sociology S7 900
(Introduction to Sociology)
SOCI 260 Introduction to Social Psychology S8 900
(Social Psychology)
SOCI 261 Race and Ethnic Relations S7 903D
(Racial and Ethnic Relations)
TH-D 222 Dance and the Fine Arts F1 906
(Appreciation of Dance as an Art Form)
THEA 203 Introduction to Theatre F1 907
(Theatre Appreciation)

108 courses...    [Tuesday, May 22, 2001]

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