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Research in the Department

The faculty at NIU are leaders in their fields, and bring this expertise to ensure that the learning in our classrooms is top-notch and up-to-date. While it is in our graduate program that students are usually expected to participate in research, undergraduate students benefit from the research and graduate programs too!

We are especially proud of the recognition achieved by some of our most active researchers. Professors Anthony Zettl, Jindrich Necas, Biswa Datta and Frederick Bloom of our department have all been recognized as Presidential Research Professors, a university-wide award for particular excellence.

Strongly-prepared undergraduate students are encouraged to become involved in research and advanced-study programs at NIU and off-campus. There are many of these specifically targetted at undergraduate students, including programs at national laboratories (Argonne, Fermi, etc.) and programs sponsored by the National Science Foundation (REU -- Research Experiences for Undergraduates -- programs). For more information, contact an advisor within the department.

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Qingkai Kong
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