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Transferring to Northern

NIU welcomes transfer students from community colleges and from other four-year institutions. We have a very large number of transfer students who do very well, and have a long tradition of cooperation with other schools in the state. If you would like to transfer to NIU, we would be most happy to work with you to make the transfer as seamless as possible. You may also complete the bulk of your work at NIU but take a few courses at another institution if you prefer.

This document contains items of interest both to (A) students coming from another institution who wish to transfer to NIU and begin a major in the mathematical sciences here, and to (B) "native" students attempting to transfer individual mathematics courses from another institution back to NIU.

Policies regulating the use of coursework from another school to meet requirements for an NIU degree are itemized in the Undergraduate Catalogue. Among them we note that (i) there is an upper limit to the number of credits which can be transferred to NIU; (ii) NIU reserves the right to classify a transfer course as a substitute for whatever NIU course we believe it best matches, or possibly only as an elective not matching any single NIU course, or possibly as not offering any NIU credit at all; (iii) grades from another institution are never transferred to an NIU GPA; however, NIU advisors will look at your transfer grades, and transfer grades are considered when assessing whether NIU course prerequisites have been met with a transfer course. Other regulations address the manner in which General Education requirements may be met by transfer students, course repeat benefits, and so on. For further information consult the Undergraduate Catalogue, or see an NIU advisor in your department or college office. Some useful links are given below.

Note for potential mathematics majors: It is often true that during a transfer, a student finds the requirements to be completed will take somewhat longer than might have been the case for another student who started at NIU as a freshman. This is particularly true for students who have not previously declared as a mathematics major at another institution. For example, NIU native students expecting to become mathematical sciences majors have typically completed their calculus sequence by the middle or end of their sophomore year. If you transfer to NIU with the calculus sequence incomplete, you cannot reasonably expect to finish the bachelor's degree in our department with just another two years at Northern.

There are some special facts particular to mathematics courses and mathematics majors who transfer to NIU: