Math 336-3:    DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS,    Spring 2014

Time and Place: TR 12:30-1:45 in DuSable 318

Instructor: Professor Greg Ammar

Course Description

Course Information Sheet (Syllabus) and Homework Assignments

Extra Review Questions for Exam 1

Answers to Exam 1

Problem 2.5.14 solution. You will note that I did some steps in my head as I wrote this down. Use a pencil and paper to follow along and fill in the details.

Extra Review Questions for Exam 2.

Answers to Exam 2

Sound files illustrating the phenomenon of beats that occurs when sinusoids of nearly equal frequency are summed. (See Section 2.6 of the text.)

Here is the Laplace Transform Sheet that will be provided for Exam 3 and for the final exam.

Extra Review Questions for Exam 3.

Some Previous Final Exams

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