MATH 662 Numerical Analysis Fall 2014
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Instructor: Professor Greg Ammar
Office: Watson 373       Phone: 753-6798
Office hours: TR 10:00-10:50, W 1:30-3:00, and by appointment.

Textbook information

Course Information Sheet

Homework Assignment 1

Homework Assignment 2

wilkpoly.txt (a text file containing the power basis coefficients of the Wilkinson polynomial).

Homework Assignment 3

Sample MATLAB programs: bisect.m (MATLAB function for the bisection algorithm)
test_bisect.m (MATLAB script showing call to bisect.m)

Homework Assignment 4 (revised)

Homework Assignment 5

Homework Assignment 6

Midterm Outline

Homework Assignment 7

Homework Assignment 8. And here is the function factorlu.m that performs Gaussian elimination without pivoting.

Homework Assignment 9

Exercises on Quadrature and Least Squares Approximation

MATLAB Resources

MATLAB-like computing and programming environments:

Below are links to two different software packages that are largely (but not totally) the same as MATLAB. Both of these are free software that will run on a windows PC and on other platforms.

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