Matlab Resources:

There are many resources for learning MATLAB online and in books. If you print out and work through one of the following two introductions, you will have more than enough information to get started:

Introduction to MATLAB from University of Dundee

From Michigan Tech: Online: A Practical Introduction To Matlab     and a printable version in PDF format

Following are some additional online resourses for getting started with MATLAB:

YAGTOM: Yet Another Guide To Matlab

Online tutorials from MathWorks

Online: Matlab resources from Indiana University, including Getting Started With MATLAB and Plotting with Matlab.

There are several books on learning MATLAB, and MATLAB is also incorporated into several numerical analysis textbooks. If you are looking for a good book that will serve both as an introduction to and as a reference for MATLAB, I recommend

D.J. Higham and N.J. Higham, MATLAB Guide, Second Edition, SIAM, 2005.

The current price of the book is $52 ($36 for SIAM members). If you are a graduate student at NIU, you can join SIAM for free. (I recommend that you join SIAM even if you are not buying this book.)

MATLAB-like computing and programming environments:

Below are links to two different software packages that are largely (but not totally) the same as MATLAB. Both of these are free software that will run on a windows PC and on other platforms.

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