Topics from the History of Algebra

From The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive at the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland:

  1. Quadratic, cubic and quartic equations
  2. Prime numbers
  3. Fermat's last theorem
  4. The abstract group concept
  5. The development of group theory
  6. The beginnings of set theory
  7. Abstract linear spaces
  8. Matrices and determinants
  9. The fundamental theorem of algebra
  10. Squaring the circle
  11. Doubling the cube
  12. Trisecting an angle

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From other sources:

  1. Hamilton's work on quaternions, from The History of Mathematics
          at Trinity University, Dublin
  2. Hilbert's Problems, from History of Mathematics
          at Clark University
  3. Biography of Emmy Noether, from Biographies of Women Mathematicians
          at Agnes Scott College