Links to sites related to abstract algebra

Number theory:

Compute GCD's, by David Sumner, University of South Carolina
A calculator for the Euclidean algorithm
The Prime Machine, by Peter Alfeld, University of Utah
Explore prime numbers using a Java applet
Prime number generator, from Caltech
Generate lists of primes
About the proof of Fermat's last theorem, from NOVA Online
Includes an interview with Andrew Wiles


Cryptography Resource Guide, by Emma Kavanagh, from Norton 360
Public-key cryptography, from Wikipedia
Elliptic curve cryptography, from Wikipedia
Cybersecurity Information, from George Washington University

Group theory in geometry:

Symmetry and the Shape of Space, by C. Goodman-Strauss
Symmetry and Group Theory, at The Geometry Junkyard, by David Eppstein

Group theory in the natural sciences:

Group theory and physics, from the Notices of the AMS, January, 1997 (pdf format)

Other applications:

Music and mod 12 arithmetic, by Kenneth R. Rumery
Mathematics and Knots, from the University of Wales, Bangor
The KnotPlot Site, from the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences

Reference sites with more links:

Abstract Algebra resources, from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville