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MATH 211

Posted 1/8/2003: Final Exam for Fall 2002 (in PDF format, for Acrobat Reader), with Solutions

Review, Spring 2003

You should only work on previous final exams as the last step in studying. If your review is based on just one or two sample tests, it may not give you enough preparation for all of the possible questions.

  1. First, you should reread the text and class notes. Be sure that you understand the examples.
  2. Next, go over your homework assignments and quizzes.
  3. Here are some suggested review problems:
    Chapter 2
    2.2.odd#17-27     2.4.#11,13,17,19,30,32     2.5.#23,33,37,55,63,71,78     2.6.#1-4     2.7.#13,19,23,27,77,97     2.8.odd#1-19,47,79,81
    Chapter 3
    3.2.#7,9,10,11     3.3.odd#3-11,21,27     3.4.#17,19,25,27,62,64     3.5.#13,15,17,19,27,31,33
    Chapter 4
    4.1.#7,9,17,19,25,29,33,57,61,63,65,67,71     4.2.#46,51,55,57,77,79,81,83,90     4.3.#21,27,29,33     4.4.#17,19,23,25,27
    Chapter 5
    5.1.odd#1-23     5.2.#15,37,39,41,43,47,49,51     5.3.#21,35     5.4.#1,3,5,7,13,15     5.5.#1,3,5,7,9,17,18,31,35,47,51
  4. Finally, after you believe you are prepared for the exam, you can check your level of preparation by working the problems on a test from a previous semester. Be sure that you work the test under realistic conditions, by timing yourself and allowing either 50 minutes for the hour exams or one hour and 50 minutes for a final exam.

Sample Final (written Fall 2001, in Acrobat Reader format)   |   Optimization problems (Section 3.5) with Answers

Previous Final Exams

Important Note: The final exams listed below were given while the course was using a different textbook (by Goldstein, Lay, and Schneider). Exams may vary from semester to semester in coverage, length, and difficulty.

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