Conference in honor of I. N. Herstein, University of Chicago, March 1987

Click here to see a photo of Yitz with his students.

Amiram Braun
Alfred Goldie and Lance Small
Alfred Goldie
Antoni Zygmund
Alberto Calderon
Claudio Procesi, Silvana Abeasis (Mrs. Procesi), Allan Berele
Antonio Giambruno and Karen Parshall
Irving Kaplansky
Irving Kaplansky
Max Zorn and Nathan Jacobson
Max Zorn and I.N. Herstein
Nathan Jacobson
Paul Smith and (I think) Lenny Makar-Limanov
Shimshon Amitsur, Donald Passman, Bill Chin
Shimshon Amitsur
Paulo Calderon, Barbara Cortzen, I.N. Herstein, Alberto Calderon