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The Establishment

Studies of the US Department of Education
NCTM and other reform standards
Nation's Report Card (1990)
Nation's Report Card (1992)
The California "Mathematics Framework" for Public Schools

The Dissenters

Jerry Rosen's letter on Math Education [Notices of the AMS, May 1996]
Compumatics versus Mathematics? [Notices of the AMS, July 1996]
Teaching at the University Level [Notices of the AMS, August 1996]
The Mathematician and the Mathematics Education Reform, by H. Wu [Notices of the AMS, December 1996]
John Saxon's commentary on the UCSMP Math texts
Dumbing Down the SAT by George Roche
The Palo Alto HOLD group
Mathematically Correct, a California group
Homeschool World
Jeff Lindsay's Education Page
Bill Mechlenburg's Education Page

Organizations, Opinions, Articles, Collections

The Educational Excellence Network
Prof. Hung-Hsi Wu
Free online prealgebra book
TIMSS (International Study)
National Association of Scholars
The Center for Education Reform
Extend Project
The National Science Teachers Association
The New School Wars by Peter Schrag
The Disastrous State of American Education by David King
Effective Education page by George Klima
Ed School Follies by Rita Kramer (review by Mark Herring)
Alistair Fraser's "Bad Science" page
Technology in Education (California Community Colleges)

Some Really Bad Stuff

A very confusing on-line tutorial sponsored by Addison-Wesley
And an even worse one...

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