EJB's biography

The Beginnings

Born: exactly 10 years after Hillary C. (it should be obvious that the picture is how I'd like to look, not how I do look).


Middle Age

High School: Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace (Gymnasium) no. XIV in Warsaw, Poland. They even have a Web page these days! And here is an unofficial one, maintained by me and my friends.


Degree: MSc, Algebra (Theory of Radicals) from the Department of Mathematics at the Warsaw University (they said: "we want to make a mathematician out of you!", and I said: "aha, no way!" Thanks to Jan Krempa, Andrzej Birkholc, Ryszard Engelking, Barbara Terlikowska, Edmund Puczylowski, many others)

First touched the Net: 1983

Married: Ewa, M.D.

Degree: PhD, Mathematics (Lie Superalgebras) from the Department of Mathematics at UC San Diego (again, they said: "we want to...", and I said "over my dead body!" Thanks to Lance Small, Helmut Rohrl, Gunnar Carlsson, Tom Enright, many others; but especially I.N. Herstein, whether he has Web access now or not)


The Present

Interests: Hates: Work: system manager for the NIU Math Department (I also teach once in a while)
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And yes, this is really the end, my friend.