Maths links

Professor Vladimir Markovic

Professor Jim Langley

Professor Walter Bergweiler

Dr Dan Nicks

MathSciNet (access from an institution required) including the collaboration distance finder. What's your Erdös number? Mine is 3.



Alex Fletcher, my brother's website at the CMB in Oxford.

• One Dan and his blog.

Chris Wainwright, home of J.Craz.Sci.

Peter Robinson

Pras Pathmanathan


Department of Mathematical Sciences, Northern illinois University

Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick.

Department of Mathematics, University of Glasgow.

School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham.

St. Catharine's College, University of Cambridge. I did my undergraduate degree at the mathematics department here. My directors of studies were Professor Christos Vassilicos and Ms. Irena Borzym.

King Edward VII and Queen Mary School. Where I was probably the least fit person ever to get their name on the sports honours board.