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I have a strong interest in astronomy and astrophysics (as well as math)
In particular, the professionals need help in classifying galaxies. Check out
the Galaxy Zoo. For those interested in finding and understanding other planets,
check out the index of exoplanets.

These are the current notes for my Graduate Topology course. Please let me know
of any errors and/or typos. The notes are very definitely NOT in final form! They
will be updated as I write more chapters. Currently, this is only available to the NIU

Summer 2012 Undergraduate Topology Notes © 2012 Daniel Grubb

These are the notes for the undergraduate topology course. They are not in final form.

Spring 2013 Topology Notes ©2013 Daniel Grubb

These are the notes for the Advanced Calculus class: Again, they are definitely not in final form!!

Fall Advanced Calculus Notes ©2009 Daniel Grubb

And these are the notes for my Algebraic Topology class for Spring 2010: Need I say it again?

Spring 2010 Algebraic Topology Notes ©2009 Daniel Grubb

Daniel Grubb / grubb@math.niu.edu