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I am a mathematician, and currently work as an
Associate Professor
at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at
Northern Illinois University

Contact information:
e-mail: krishtal @ math.niu.edu
phone: (815)-753-6769
fax:      (815)-753-1112

Address:  Ilya Krishtal   
Department of Mathematics
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115, USA

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  • TGU Lecture series, Togliatti State University, Russia, December 15-18, 2009, pdf1, pdf2.
  • Fall Southeastern AMS Meetintg, Boca Raton, FL, October 31, 2009.
  • Wavelet Seminar, Washington University in St. Louis, September 25, 2009.
  • The international conference WAVELETS AND APPLICATIONS, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 15, 2009, pdf .
  • AMS Spring Central Sectional Meeting, Urbana, IL, March 28, 2009.
  • IWOTA 2008, Williamsburg, VA, July 26, 2008, pdf .
  • Analysis Seminar, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel, June 16, 2008.
  • Applied Math Seminar, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, March 31, 2008, pdf .
  • Wavelets and frames, Zagreb, Croatia, March 13, 2008.
  • 24th SEAM, Nashville,TN, March 7, 2008.
  • SPIE Optics+Photonics, Wavelets XII, San Diego, CA, August 27, 2007, pdf.
  • Trends in Harmonic Analysis, Strobl, Austria, June 18, 2007, pdf.
  • IMA Short Course on Compressed Sensing, Minneapolis, MN, June 14, 2007, pdf.
  • Illinois Applied Harmonic Analysis Seminar, Urbana-Champaign, IL, December 2, 2006, pdf.


    CURRENT SYLLABI - see Blackboard 


    At Northern Illinois University:

    Math 229 Calculus I (S,Su,F'07),
    Math 430 Advanced Calculus (S,F'07),
    Math 336 Differential Equations (F'06)

    In Washington University in St. Louis (F2003-S2006):

    Math 141 Accelerated Calculus I
    Math 142 Accelerated Calculus II
    Math 217 Differential Equations
    Math 233 Calculus III
    Math 410   Introduction to Fourier Series and Integrals
    Math 4111 Introduction to Analysis
    Math 4121 Introduction to Lebesgue Integration