Here is a picture of me receiving some sort of envelope from our department chair, Dr. Bernie Harris. I hope it's some sort of a bribe!

Oh, it's just a Certificate of Merit... well, at least it has my name on it. I hope I'm also emarbarassing my friends by putting this picture up here.

There's not really much that I want to do with this page, aside from put typed up notes and perhaps some Mathematica projects which I had to make last term. So, I hope that you're in for poorly coded html done solely through PuTTY, as well as quickly typed up LaTeX! What else could you ask for?!?

Here are some very crudely TeXed up notes from Math 620, a first semester in Abstract Algebra: Math 620 notes, Version 0.1
Now complete!*

*Minus some very lovely drawn diagrams. To be included when I feel like it.

Last updated: May 22, 2013