Alon Regev

Math 229 (sections 4 and 8) students: please see Blackboard for course information.

Some papers and preprints:

Filtered algebraic algebras

Remarks on a theorem of Amitsur

The Golod-Shafarevich counterexample without Hilbert series (with Amitai Regev)

A proof of Catalan's convolution formula

Counting equivalence classes of vertex pairs modulo the dihedral action on the associahedron (with Douglas Bowman)

Counting symmetry classes of dissections of a convex regular polygon (with Douglas Bowman)

Enumerating triangulations by parallel diagonals

The central component of a triangulation

Triangulations with few ears: symmetry classes and disjointness (with Andrei Asinowski)

A bijection between triangulations and 312-avoiding permutations



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