Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Northern Illinois University

MATH 230 Fall 2017

Calculus II Section 7 (4 semester hours)

DuSable 310
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri
3 -3:50

Prof. Richard Blecksmith
Watson Hall 364
phone: 815-753-6762


Monday 4:00-5:50
Wednesday 4:00-5:50
or by appointment

The final exam is on Thursday, December 14, noon - 1:50 pm.

Special Handouts

Shell Versus Disc Method

Surface area of a Sphere

The Natural Logarithm

First Homework Cover Sheet (Due 9/22/17)

The Exponential Function

Inverse Trig Functions

Integration by Parts

Trigonometric Integrals

Trigonometric Substitution

Partial Fractions

Integration Worksheet

Integration Worksheet Hints

Integration Worksheet Solutions

Second Homework Cover Sheet (Due 10/20/17)