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74: Mechanics of deformable solids


Mechanics of deformable solids: questions of elasticity and plasticity, wave propagation, engineering, and topics in specific solids such as soils.


Applications and related fields

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WARNING: This map actually carries the data for a now-defunct predecessor area 73.


This area is a reorganization (new in 2000) of the former area 73

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Textbooks, reference works, and tutorials

Dikmen, M.: "Theory of thin elastic shells", Surveys and Reference Works in Mathematics, 8. Pitman (Advanced Publishing Program), Boston, Mass.-London, 1982. 364 pp. ISBN 0-273-08431-3 MR84h:73035

Jenkins, Chris H.; Leonard, John W.: "Nonlinear dynamic response of membranes: state of the art", AMR 44 (1991), no. 7, 319--328. CMP1112398

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dell'Isola, F.; Rosa, L. "Outlooks in Saint Venant theory. II. Torsional rigidity, shear-stress 'and all that' in the torsion of cylinders with section of variable thickness", Arch. Mech. (Arch. Mech. Stos.) 48 (1996), no. 4, 753--763. MR97i:73020

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