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The index pages at this site are organized according to the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) scheme. (This is the scheme developed by the American Mathematical Society and Zentralblatt für Mathematik. Here's the original.) Begin with a major heading from the right column below.

Alternative hierarchies to sort through the mathematical landscape are provided in the left column below. If you are more comfortable with one of them, select it to begin; you will eventually be directed to a blue index page in the MSC hierarchy which matches your area of interest. See also the alternative navigation tools at the top of this page.

Broad subdivisions of Mathematics

Core branches of mathematics:

Applied and related areas:

Other organization schemes:

Areas not corresponding to MSC headings:

(Few index pages yet; sorry.)
  • Areas larger than MSC headings (e.g. Topology)
  • Areas identified by non-MSC systems (e.g. Quantum Algebras)
  • Topics cutting across MSC boundaries (e.g. Spheres)
  • Now-defunct MSC areas (e.g. Operational calculus)
  • Minor but well-publicized areas (e.g. Fractals)
  • Organized by audience (e.g. Financial mathematics)
  • Topics too elementary for MSC (e.g. Calculus)
  • Peripheral topics (e.g. Accounting)
  • Completely mis-filed topics (e.g. Numerology)

[Note that the latest revision of the MSC was put into use for January 2000; not all pages at this site have been adapted yet.]

Top-level subject areas in the MSC

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