I like to play -- and analyze -- various kinds of games. Sometimes a paper-and-pencil analysis is fun. In other cases it helps me think things through to have a simulation, or to try to have a computer think through the games as I do myself. In case you are so addicted, you can feel free to begin with this analysis.

Note -- no jabs at my programming skills, please. They pay me to do math, not computers. You'll find here some pretty primitive programs written in BASIC, the variant UBASIC, Turbo Pascal, C, Maple-code, and other language formats that (I hope) can be more-or-less understood by a more competent programmer, so you can try to figure out what something is supposed to do. I've included PC executables for some of these programs too.

There's no shortage of games information on the net, so let me just draw your attention to what's right here at my site; other pointers are below.

I have written a Sudoku solver too but I quit tinkering once I got to the point that the program could instantly solve almost everything that appears in the newspapers, and could (more slowly, using backtracking) solve all the other solvable ones out there. More sophisticated analyses are available elsewhere; try googling
Knuth "dancing links" sudoku

You may also want to look in my directory of other games, in which I have copies of or links to information obtained from the net about a number of other specific, usually well-known games. I'll confess that I'm a consumer of that information, not a provider: you'll not find anything from me that you couldn't have found with a web-search tool. For general material on games, you might want to consider these links:

  • Games Domain - Games related information site (they have just about everything here)
  • Game Cabinet
  • Mathematical Games, Toys, and Puzzles (a kindred spirit).
  • Links to pages of games analyses (another kindred spirit)
  • rules directory (descriptions of many games)
  • Card Games
  • Games of interest to John Conway (mathematician and game-meister).
  • Server which allows you to games by email against human opponents (about 130 games; moves checked by server)
  • Yahoo - Recreation:Games

    I am always looking for new games subject to mathematical analysis. Now that my children are adults I'm not aware of what mathematical games are popular. But I'm open to suggestions!

    For the most part I have limited this directory to material of my own authorship, but in the interest of serving the Web readership I have started saving a few survey pieces found elsewhere. If you have links or files which you think would be appropriate, let me know. The intended readership is perhaps best described as the participants in

    I often have bits of mail and analyses which other people have sent me. It can take me years to getting around to making links for them on the web, but I can send things to you as appropriate; just ask.


    Other pages at my own web site you may find of interest:

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