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Welcome to my web page, which is designed to look like it was uploaded in 1994! Please enjoy the links and information below.

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Research interests: Banach space theory, especially Tsirelson-like and other sequence spaces, and operator ideals.

"Constructing Banach ideals using upper $\ell_p$-estimates," submitted. (preprint)
"The structure of almost-invariant half-spaces for some operators," (with Gleb Sirotkin), accepted to Journal of Functional Analysis.

"Schreier-supported upper $\ell_p$-estimates on Banach space operators," 2014 May 23, Seventh conference on function spaces, Southern Illinois University---Edwardsville, Edwardsville, IL, USA. (pdf)
"The almost-invariant halfspace problem" (joint with Gleb Sirotkin), 2014 Mar 07, seminar talk, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada.
"The almost-invariant halfspace problem" (joint with Gleb Sirotkin), 2013 Sep 28, Wabash annual miniconference, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN, USA.

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