Dr. Alan Zollman

330 Watson Hall
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL  60115
TELEPHONE: (815) 753-6733


NIU Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2005

School Science and Mathematics Association President, 2008-2010


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E-mail Dr. Zollman at zollman@math.niu.edu

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Recent Presentations



Myth-takes in Math,  2010


Adolescent Identity Formation, 2009


Math Ain't Kitty Litter, 2008

"Four Corners is Better Than Four Squares”,  2006



Identitfy Formation, 2009


Tenure and Promotion, 2008


Advancing STEM at University and Public Schools, 2008


Correlations of  Lessons to State Curriculum, 2007


Improving Students Problem Solving Using Graphic Organizers, 2006



Teacher as Engineer/Researcher/Leader, 2009

Are Gifted Students Surviving or Thriving in the Public Schools?  2008

Correlations of Teachers’ Lessons to State Curriculum and Testing, 2007


What’s Taught vs. What’s Tested, 2006